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How AR Can Help You Market Your Home Improvement Products

How AR Can Help You Market Your Home Improvement Products

If you manufacture home improvement products, you’re always looking for innovative ways to set yourself apart from the competition. AR marketing could be the fresh new idea your advertising team has been looking for. Customers want to participate in the latest technology trends, and they also want to visualize home improvement products in their homes before clicking the “buy” button. With augmented reality in your back pocket, marketing becomes easy.

Custom Apps for AR Marketing

Your business probably has a website and might even have an app. But giving your customers an augmented reality app is next-level. A homeowner will be able to point their phone camera and instantly see your product in their actual home. It will take the guesswork out of deciding on design options and reduce the number of product returns.

Are you a cabinet manufacturer? Then your company will lend extremely well to augmented reality. Do you sell wall paint? Buying a paint sample is nothing compared to tapping your phone and seeing the whole room with different color options. The same benefits apply to countertop, appliance, flooring, light fixture products, and so much more. 

AR Marketing will Generate New Customers

When consumers compare different home improvement companies, they consider many factors. An affordable price, good quality, and excellent customer service don’t mean much if the product doesn’t “go” with the rest of their home. If they are going back and forth between you and your competitor, the ability to visualize your product in their space will definitely draw them back in your direction. 

They will be even more thrilled to learn that you provide customer support using augmented reality. After all, installing fixtures or appliances can get confusing. Knowing they can point their phone and see labels and directions superimposed on their camera screen will be a significant selling point.

Home Improvement Product Virtual Photography

A similar field to augmented reality is virtual photography. This means creating life-like pictures of your home improvement products using nothing but the computer. Tech geniuses, like those at The Realizers, specialize in making 3D models and backgrounds for home improvement products with perfect lighting and detail. You can use these images in AR marketing campaigns or as a part of your existing website.

Is Virtual Photography Worth the Investment for Home Improvement Products?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes!” That’s because you won’t have to pay for photographers, photo shoots, and lengthy editing. A 3D modeler can produce a photograph that perfectly matches the picture in your head without waiting for ideal weather or for a photographer to become available. 

Find an Expert to Make Your AR Marketing Dreams Come True

The Realizers are here not only to give you this remarkable technology for your business but also to help you show it off. We specialize in creating custom augmented reality apps for home improvement manufacturers that make customers say, “wow!” We also use virtual photography to make your home improvement products look spectacular without the hassle of a photo shoot. Lastly, we will assist with marketing your new technology. Contact us today to transform your advertising strategy from old-fashioned to OMG!

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