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4 Reasons Door Manufacturers Need Augmented Reality

4 Reasons Door Manufacturers Need Augmented Reality

It might sound dramatic to say that door manufacturers create gateways to new possibilities. But just because it’s a bit overly poetic doesn’t make it untrue. And as pioneers in your field, you know how important it is to be ready to receive new opportunities yourself, including using augmented reality for business. Here are four reasons a door manufacturer should consider a new reality with AR apps.

Build Trust With Clients

Doors fall into a unique category for customers shopping for home improvement items. For many homeowners, it can be challenging to envision how a door would alter or improve how a room looks or functions in the space. AR solutions can bypass all that by giving them an easier way to visualize their life with your doors: by seeing them in action before they buy. And if you’re a B2B door manufacturer, augmented reality can also help you secure more sales when the business owner feels like they’re taking less of a gamble on your product.

Revolutionize Workflow With Visual Assistance

Visual assistance or visual support combines the power of augmented reality with experts and technicians that can help resolve and improve your business workflow. This assistance can involve anything from troubleshooting issues with manufacturing to training employees on more complex work in a more hands-on way. 

AR tools can also help others on-site make better measurements, comment on processes or make on-the-fly adjustments, and streamline employee onboarding, all of which translates to time better spent and more money made.

Improve Productivity and Stop Manufacturing Snags

Door manufacturers are no strangers to equipment breaking down unexpectedly or human error slowing production. But just because this can be a relatively common occurrence doesn’t mean that you should have to put up with it. 

Augmented reality can not only improve your employee’s skill sets to lower the chances of accidents or damages, but it can even help alert you to problems with equipment. The faster you diagnose the issue, the more likely you are to resolve it without stopping everything in its tracks. Augmented reality is even getting sophisticated enough to suggest ways to handle the problem based on data and insights, so you’ll always have the most apparent path to the other side of the snafu!

Enhanced Product Design

New designs are as exciting as they are stress-inducing for door manufacturers. There’s so much preparation and consideration to implementing a new design that many will get stuck in the concept phase for so long that the project becomes a liability.

But with AR solutions, the wait is over: so much of the wait time – getting approval, taking measurements, asking for feedback – can be cut down significantly with augmented reality. The near instantaneous exchange of information can make it so that your manufacturing team can start working on the new design immediately, and even customers can preview how the product will look before it hits the market. 

Cross The Threshold With Augmented Reality Solutions For Door Manufacturers

Are you ready to leap into the wondrous world of AR? The Realizers always keeps our doors open for new manufacturing clients looking for innovative and customized solutions for their business. Contact us today to learn more about augmented reality and what it’s capable of for door manufacturers.

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