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products & services

Realizer Packages

Our packages should not be viewed as a one time cost although the bulk of the cost is one time – but as an ongoing partnership in which The Realizers will continue to provide the best in class lead generation and consumer App experience possible, paired with excellent customer service and strategic marketing planning to help you achieve the goals you envision for your brand.

To best support our valued customers, we include a monthly maintenance and support fee with all packages (except the modeling only option) which allows us to continue improving your product over time with basic functionality requests, as well as provide basic tech support like updating the versions of the app every time Apple updates their AR software and platforms. Without regular updated versioning of the software, the app would become buggy and harder to use over time and consumers would stop using it. This is a standard practice in the App industry but is especially important with AR because it is so data intensive and the files are huge.

PRODUCTS & services

Package Rates

3D Modeling
& visualization

Starting at $4000

1x fee (per model)

3D modeling & visualization

Multiple creative images / angles of each model with a variety backgrounds available (backyards, indoors, white, black, clear, drone shots, etc.) for an additional fee per image.

Package Pricing Available

Consumer App +

Starting at $125,000

Request a custom quote.

Includes 15 models with visualization

Basic consumer app development

Usability testing

App store management & approval process

+ Monthly PPC fee & Ad budget. Fee & Ad Budget based on goals & geographical targeting. Includes monthly management of effective, targeted PPC advertising for your branded consumer app to drive quality users and leads to your app and websites. Promotional materials for your dealer network.

Consumer App
+ Marketing
+ Web Configurator

Starting at $175,000

Request a custom quote.

Includes 15 Models with Visualization

Consumer App

Internal Web Configurator with 15 models

+ Monthly PPC fee & Ad budget. Fee & Ad Budget based on goals & geographical targeting.

Secrets Of Success


One stop resource for all backyard visualization needs

PPC / Facebook

State-of-the-art digital marketing campaign targeting likely pool buyers

PR / Media Spots

Coverage of AR meets backyard planning in national publications

National Ad

Print, Television, and radio spots in targeted publications and channels

Automated Email

Targeted ongoing emails to encourage use and or sharing of the app


POP Materials, canned emails, and other marketing materials for your dealers

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