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Why Cabinet Manufacturers Need An AR App

Why Cabinet Manufacturers Need an AR App

As a cabinet manufacturer, would you say that your business is “up with the latest technology?” Your company might possess the most technologically advanced cabinet-making equipment, but if you don’t have a custom AR app, your competitors might be more tech savvy than you. Customers are drawn to businesses that look toward the future instead of being stuck in the past. Here are a few ways your business can benefit from having an augmented reality app. 

AR Apps Give Customers Visualization

It’s hard for homeowners to commit to a major home renovation project if they aren’t sure how it will look. An augmented reality app will help your clients see the potential that exists within their space and show them the impact that new cabinets can make. They will be able to compare different styles with a swipe of their thumb. Therefore, they will be less likely to change their mind after they have been installed. 

Cabinet Manufacturer Upgrades Will be Easy to Pitch

The superpower of visualization will make it easier for your customers to see the difference between more or less expensive products. They might think the basic option will be okay, but that’s because they can’t see the premium option right there in their home. You’ll watch their eyes and pocketbook widen as they gaze at the possibilities. 

AR Apps Save Cabinet Manufacturers Time

If your company provides in-home consultations for custom cabinetry, an augmented reality app is sure to save you time. Instead of measuring spaces and inputting numbers into blueprinting software, your employees will be able to simply point their phones and press a button. Clients will be impressed with how quickly you can get them an accurate estimate.

Make Warehouse Navigation Quick and Easy

Depending on the size of your warehouse, it might take a long time for employees to look for and find items. An AR app will simplify the process of finding products by superimposing arrows on the tablet or phone camera screen. These arrows will lead workers to exactly where they need to go.

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AR Apps Improve Training

New employee training will be made easy when your company takes advantage of AR technology. They will be able to hold up a tablet or phone camera and see directions overlaid onto the machinery. New hires will be relieved to have a visual guide, and your company will enjoy fewer mistakes and faster troubleshooting. 

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The Realizers Make AR Apps for Cabinet Manufacturers

Now that you’re ready to move forward with a custom AR app for your business, The Realizers are here to make it happen for you. We have turned AR app making into a science. We’ll start by fully understanding your vision, wants, and needs and finish with a ready-to-use, professional product. Still have questions? Visit our contact page for help. The future is here, and The Realizers can make it available to you.

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