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Can Landscaping Manufacturers Benefit From Augmented Reality?

Can Landscaping Manufacturers Benefit from Augmented Reality?

Industries everywhere are finding innovative uses for augmented reality technology. As a landscaping manufacturer, you might be wondering whether or not your business could benefit from this cutting-edge technology. The simple answer is yes! AR allows customers to visualize products in their homes before buying them, so it lends itself very well to the landscaping industry. Here are some things landscape manufacturers can do with the help of AR:

  1. Give the gift of visualization
  2. Provide better customer support
  3. Create virtual photography
  4. Enhance their marketing strategy

Landscaping Manufacturers Can Give Visualization

The gift of visualization benefits your company because customers can be more confident that what they are about to buy will look perfect in their front or backyard. You will see fewer returns, fewer re-dos, and more satisfied clients.

Additionally, homeowners might not know how beautiful their yards could potentially look. They will settle for basic landscaping options with no way to visualize anything different. Entice them to spend more money by showing them their exact house with dream-like curb appeal.

Landscaping Manufacturers Can Provide Better Customer Support

Does your manufacturing company sell complex equipment that might require troubleshooting? With the help of augmented reality, you could provide clients with a next-level customer support experience

Instead of just talking to tech support on the phone, they will be able to see labels and instructions superimposed on their phone camera screen on top of the actual product. This will result in faster problem resolutions and save you money in the long run. 

Landscaping Manufacturers Can Use Virtual Photography

Virtual photography is the art of creating life-like, 3D digital images. No more will you have to wait until a project is finished and hire a professional photographer to capture the fruits of your hard work. Through 3D modeling, plants, ponds, sidewalks, fountains, and trees will look so realistic that no one will notice the difference. 

These breathtaking images can then be used in your augmented reality app, on your website, or for marketing purposes. New images can be created whenever needed, or you can update old photos when styles change without starting from scratch.

Landscaping Manufacturers Can Enhance Their Marketing Strategy

Every landscaping manufacturer can claim to have the best customer service and highest quality products. However, most of them cannot say they provide an augmented reality app to help customers find the best landscaping design for their homes.

AR technology sets you apart from the competition. Everyone wants to participate in the latest technological trends. Homeowners will be curious to check out your app at first and then quickly become loyal customers once they experience the joy of visualization.

Hire the Right Company to Make AR Work for Your Business

When you’re ready to take your landscaping business to new technological heights, call The Realizers to take care of everything. We are your one-stop shop for all things augmented reality and virtual photography. We’ll even help you to market your new app when it’s all said and done. Contact us today to see your AR dreams realized.

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