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Top 5 Augmented Reality Questions Answered

Top 5 Augmented Reality Questions Answered

Augmented reality (AR) has turned into quite the buzzword recently. It’s becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Companies like Snapchat, Amazon, and Nike have all been implementing AR to transform their businesses. But, what is AR exactly? Is it just a fad? “But what about …” Now hold on. We’ve got all this covered for you! Let’s get started on the list, shall we? (Don’t you just love posts that get right to the point?)

1. What is Augmented Reality, Really?

Phew! We thought you were going to come out of the gates with a harder question. Did you see the picture when you clicked on this article? That’s augmented reality. AR enhances what is already here – in the real world. In one way or another, it enhances (or augments) what we are already looking at. Have you ever played Pokémon GO or used a social media filter to make you look old, or perhaps you’ve seen someone interact with one of these apps? That’s AR. Virtual reality is a bit different. It creates an entire artificial platform. Those bulky goggles you see at the mall – you know, the ones that cover your whole face? You’re “riding in a roller coaster” or “climbing a mountain” with them, or fighting a battle in WWII. That’s virtual reality. Virtual reality creates a reality that does not exist in the real world. Augmented reality adds a virtual, augmented element (or elements) to what already exists in the real world.

2. Who is using Augmented Reality? 

Target, IKEA, Amazon, Google, and even school teachers are using AR, to name a small fraction. With the Latham Pool Visualizer App, you can see a Latham pool right in your own backyard. You can scroll through wall art online, try on shoes – the list goes on. Instead of simply describing to your kids what a specific outfit looks like on the bunny in their favorite bedtime story, why not show it to them? How about a bright red racecar? That would be fun to see in the kitchen!

3. Is There a Future for AR?

Yes – there is a future for AR. A big one. Google invested half a billion dollars in an AR startup company called Magic Leap. Facebook has its brand new “Spark AR” and Apple has “ARKit 4.” These companies aren’t playing around. The tone of AR will almost certainly shift over the coming years, but it is definitely not a short-term venture.

4. Can Augmented Reality Help My Business?

AR can absolutely help your business. Instead of spending countless hours and thousands of dollars on photography for your brand, you can create a 3D model and have a working app that stands out from everyone else.

5. How Expensive is AR?The biggest question anyone ever has, and rightfully so: “How much did that cost? How much is this gonna run me? What’s the return on investment?” It’s easy, really. How good of a product is it? Have you ever purchased a cheap computer chair and compared it to something on the high-end? Like anything else, there are layers. The only one who can truly answer what you need is yourself. If you think you have a good product, and boosting your customer engagement is important to you, how much would you spend on something like that? You can find out more here.

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