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Remote Repairs: Using Augmented Reality To Fix Things

Remote Repairs: Using Augmented Reality to Fix Things

On the list of things nobody wants to deal with, getting something repaired has to be pretty high up there. Whether it’s a car or a computer, coordinating a time and place to get it fixed can be such a hassle, you might wish to just start over from scratch. Thankfully, augmented reality is now proving it matters less where you broke something, because technicians can now assist you from miles away.

Mobile Mechanics

Porsche is really upping the game when it comes to fixing vehicles in a time of social distancing. Its “Tech Live Look” system allows technicians, wearing AR glasses, to remotely diagnose problems with vehicles sitting at a dealership. It actually rolled out two years ago but in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, its use has reportedly increased by 300%, while cutting some repair times almost in half. Talk about getting the checkered flag with customers!

Cable Connection

If you have cable TV, you’d probably like to think you pay way too much for something to go wrong. Yet, it seems like something always does at the worst possible time. Here’s where augmented reality once again comes to the rescue, at least for Cox Communications subscribers. The company employs what it calls “Virtual Assist” to troubleshoot problems without a technician stepping foot in the home. With the company’s app, an expert can use AR to guide customers through home installations and simple fixes, like tightening loose connections. Cox first rolled out the system in California, then in Idaho, before recently making it available across the country.

Realizing the Future

It’s amazing how augmented reality can bring people together, no matter how far apart they are physically. AR innovations, inspired by social distancing, are happening more and more every day. Whether you want to sell something or fix it, augmented reality is your ticket to boost your brand to the top. The Realizers can make it happen. Contact us today to request a demo, and learn more about our process for designing and marketing the perfect app for you and your customers.

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