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Firefighters Will Be Able To See Through Smoke With Augmented Reality Helmets

Firefighters Will Be Able to See Through Smoke with Augmented Reality Helmets

Firefighters around the world do the work of real heroes every day. When faced with situations most would flee from, firefighters bravely run into the situation and come to the rescue. Now, augmented reality technology is being used to give these heroes the super vision they need to save lives. Qwake Technologies has invented AR equipped firefighter helmets to bring new safety and support to these essential first responders. Thanks to this new C-THRU Visual Communication technology, firefighters will be able to see through smoke with augmented reality helmets.

Essential Support from Augmented Reality

When firefighters enter a burning building, every moment counts to save a life. Billowing smoke can cloud firefighters’ vision and complicate rescue efforts. Previously, heat vision cameras were used for help seeing through smoke. These had to be hand-held and weren’t always easily readable when thick smoke came between the firefighter and the camera. These new AR helmets will use augmented reality to project building architecture, people, and pets onto the helmet’s lens and give the firefighter x-ray vision when sight is obstructed by smoke.

The C-THRU technology will also enable firefighters to communicate in real-time with their support outside the fire. Live video from the firefighter’s view can be shared with support teams, and visual information and directions can be sent to the firefighter’s helmet for live help during the rescue. These videos and collected information can also be used after the rescue to assess opportunities and learn valuable lessons for future work. This video from The Henry Ford gives an exciting preview of how this technology looks and operates.

Augmented Reality Tech Could “Change the Game”

This exciting new technology has the potential to bring firefighters a whole new way of working. Boston Fire Department’s Chief, Marty McCormack, explained the impact this exciting new augmented reality tech will have: “C-THRU is one of the first technologies that could literally change the game for us by giving our crew the ability to navigate significantly faster while visually communicating over a shared operating picture and providing a tremendous impact in our performance and ability to save lives and property.”

Safety is always first for the fire department, and they are not interested in engaging new tools that haven’t been thoroughly proven to make fire rescue and safety truly more efficient. Chief McCormack continued, “Firefighters are understandably practical when it comes to new tools and our members were very impressed with the technology as our guys immediately saw the value in being able to navigate, communicate and coordinate visually. Bottom line, C-THRU will help our crews get the job done safer, faster and with less resources so it is a clear no brainer for us.”

AR to the Rescue

AR firefighter helmets from C-THRU have been piloted at select fire departments. Moreover, as the project progresses and receives the proper approvals and partnerships, this life-saving technology could be helping heroes fight fires all over the world soon enough.

As you can see, augmented reality is being used in innovative new ways to solve problems all around the world. The Realizers can use AR to revolutionize your marketing and connect your customers with your product in unparalleled ways. Contact us today to learn more!

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