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Pellet Grill, Smoker And BBQ Brands Can Benefit From AR

Pellet Grill, Smoker and BBQ Brands Can Benefit from AR

You manufacture high-end grills and smokers. So do lower-quality manufacturers, who offer inferior-quality grills and smokers at a lower price point. In the age of eCommerce and big box stores, how do you stay competitive? How do you convince distributors and consumers that your products really are worth thousands of dollars versus a few hundred? The answer: Augmented Reality.

Manufacturers of smokers and barbecues have a lot to gain from working with an Augmented Reality company to get a leg up on the competition. AR virtually places your products right where the consumer plans to use them: on their patios and decks. With AR, they can determine the right size smoker-grill and see the quality difference, so they understand why your product is over $1,000 and the competitor’s is $300.

For most people who invest in high-end smokers and grills, it’s all about the experience. AR gives them the experience they’re after, showcasing why your product is the best possible choice. AR also becomes a strong selling point with dealers and distributors. They’ll see the quality in action themselves, and they’ll be excited about sharing the virtual experience with their own customers.

If it’s becoming harder for you to entice your distributors and retailers to keep more of your products in stock, it’s probably not a matter of quality but demand. With so many ways for consumers to research a purchase before buying, and with social media influencers and YouTube cooking channels, being the “it brand” and staying there can be difficult. Here is where Augmented Reality can get you ahead. 

When you work with an AR company, you start the process of creating 3D models of your product line. These models are as compelling as the real thing because every detail and measurement of the product is built out to spec. An AR company will also build you an app for your consumers to use and interact with your 3D modeled products. And here is where the magic starts to happen. Once the 3D models and the app are in place, your consumers use the camera on their phones or tablets to place your products in their backyard in real-time. 

There’s no better way to sell a product than to help your consumers see the product on their deck or patio. True to life, true to size. Not only do you get more engagement with your brand through the app, but you develop brand loyalty. Because it’s fun to use an app where you can see how your new grill or smoker will look in your life, your consumers will re-use your app again and again. Investing in a way for your consumers to dive deeper into your brand, learn more about your products, and give your retailers a new sale’s tool is a massive win for your business. 

We invite you to learn more about The Realizers and how we can help your business beat out the box stores and win over your distributors. AR technology is full of possibilities.

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