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How Pool Pump Manufacturers Could Benefit From Augmented Reality

How Pool Pump Manufacturers Could Benefit from Augmented Reality

As a pool pump manufacturer, you might have never thought about creating an augmented reality app for your business. After all, that technology works best for furniture manufacturers or pool liner manufacturers, right? Actually, there are plenty of ways an AR app could come in handy for a pool pump manufacturer like yourself. We will cover four of those ways here and then tell you exactly how you can make this strategic business move come to fruition. 

Improve Customers’ Experience with Their New Pool Pump

Having complex, expensive equipment in their backyard can be intimidating to pool customers. They will want to know how to properly use and take care of their new pool pump for fear of accidentally causing costly damage. Most manufacturers provide a thick pamphlet with chapters of care instructions that will probably be lost within a year. 

However, your company could be different. Using your AR app, customers could simply hold up their phone or tablet camera and see instructions overlaid on their actual product. Instead of comparing a paper diagram to the real thing, they could see labels and arrows pointing to their actual pump components.

Provide Better Remote Assistance Using Augmented Reality

In the event that the customer can’t troubleshoot a problem on their own, augmented reality can help you provide them with optimal remote assistance. Instead of making the trip to their house, your employees could spot the problem by looking through the lens of the client’s camera. They could then help the client fix the problem by overlaying instructions on the phone screen. Click here for more details about using AR for remote assistance.

Happy Customers Lead to Pool Pump Dealer Acquisition

All of these benefits will combine to create ecstatic customers. Consequently, pool pump dealers will take notice because they want their customers to be happy about the brands they choose to sell. Augmented reality will put your business on a pedestal high above the competition. 

Improve Employee Training

Using AR for workforce training can reduce the amount of face-to-face time you’ll have to spend helping the newbies. They’ll be able to see and interact with 3D models of your products on a touch screen. When making house calls, your employees can use their phone cameras to see the cause of the problem faster. 

Additionally, your existing employees will appreciate learning about new products or upgrades on a device before they are asked to fix them in real life. Visit this blog for more information about using augmented reality for workforce training.

How to Obtain Augmented Reality for Your Company

Making this business pivot won’t be as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is hire The Realizers. We have tons of experience in the pool and spa industry, including custom AR apps, creating 3D models using virtual photography, and helping to market your new technology after it launches. After determining the AR needs of your business, we will take care of everything. Contact us today to discover how AR technology can transform your pool pump business.

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