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AR Coming To An Automobile Near You

AR Coming to an Automobile Near You

In order to eliminate the chance of wasting money on products that don’t work for consumers, Augmented Reality (AR) can help during the purchasing process. An augmented reality app places a 3D model in your environment, mixing the real world and the virtual world together. AR gives consumers the option of looking at a product from different angles and viewing the product in their own home. Clothing, furniture, and backyard recreation industries have all benefited from augmented reality marketing, so it was only a matter of time before the automotive industry joined in. 

Augmented Reality Inside the Vehicle

Car manufacturer, BMW®, has teamed up with Basemark, a technology firm from Finland, to create AR features in their new BMW iX model. The car will include a touch screen with an AR application incorporated into the screen that assists drivers. Using a front-view camera, the screen in the car will project the road with displayed AR arrows helping the driver know exactly where they should safely turn. The new AR technology also helps with those dreaded parallel parking jobs too! 

The Experience of Purchasing a Vehicle Using AR

Traditionally, car showrooms offer select colors and models of cars, but with augmented reality, buyers can visualize any car model with the color and specs they desire in either the showroom or in their own driveway. Shopping for a new vehicle could look very different in the near future! 

In addition to their new AR touchscreen, BMW is now offering a new way to view and interact with the interior of a possible purchase through their app. Potential buyers can download the AR app and interact with the 3D models in ways never before possible. 

Jeep® has also teamed up with Google to create an AR experience for their customers. Potential buyers can download the Jeep app where they can complete a virtual walk around the Jeep they are interested in, and virtually place the Jeep in their driveway. The app also allows the option of customizing the Jeep on the spot, so buyers can easily see what options they like best. 

Cars are not the only ones that are incorporating AR though. Purchasing a motorcycle could look a lot different in the future. Top New Motorcycles allows users the opportunity to view little details from every angle on the bike in the comfort of their own home. 

AR Shopping for Any Industry 

AR can be applied to any industry in manufacturing. It gives individuals the opportunity to look at a car, motorcycle, a piece of clothing, a new dining room set, or even a pool, at every single angle in their own homes or backyards. Augmented reality technology allows buyers the opportunity to reduce the change of buyers-remorse as individuals can now have more information at hand to make a better decision.

If your business is ready to take the next steps into the world of AR marketing, The Realizers can help. We can work with you to turn your products into AR models, just give Jason a call at 415-800-2040 x720 or email at

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