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How Does AR Impact My Corporation And Employees?

How Does AR Impact My Corporation and Employees?

If you’re following the AR technology boom, it may seem like you’re reading daily about a new corporation adopting AR in their business. Volvo has recently developed a Virtual Reality experience for consumers to feel as though they are walking around a dealership in real-time. They can view the new cars and even take a model for a 3D test drive from their homes. 

Times are a-Changin’

The film industry also jumped on the AR bandwagon. Megahit Game of Thrones, for example, developed “Ascend the Wall,” an AR experience where the audience can view and interact with the show’s landscapes and terrain. Augmented and Virtual Reality has given way for new shopping experiences and emotional connection through a deeper level of storytelling. 

All of this may sound amazing, exciting, and expensive. You may also be wondering how the Volvo and Game of Thrones technology applies to your business’ success.

How Businesses Use AR

In 2018 PR Newswire researched the way businesses are implementing AR and VR. They found that 82% of companies currently implementing these solutions say the benefits are meeting or exceeding expectations. Additionally, 50% of the executives who were not yet implementing AR and VR plan to do so within the next three years.

Augmented reality is here to stay, and it’s evolving quickly. If your business feels it is ready to make the transition to a more digitized technology, how will you make it a smooth transition for your corporation? 

Many businesses have developed 3D product lines that help their sales team to sell their products better. Other corporations are using in-house AR apps to help their teams share information faster, thus increasing the overall efficiency of production. Start by thinking about what your business needs most. Is it more brand engagement? Do you need improvement in your communications with your employees who work around the world?

Where would AR technology have the most significant impact on your employees? The first steps are to work with your employees and listen to their ideas. When you work with them to create solutions to their problems, they will be more likely to embrace the new technology. You want to leverage AR app development to be a positive change for them and one that will accelerate the growth of your business. 

Ready to explore the ways AR can revolutionize your internal and external communications? Chat with The Realizers today!

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