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3 Ways Augmented Reality Could Help Prepare Kids For The School Year

3 Ways Augmented Reality Could Help Prepare Kids for the School Year

Augmented reality and education go hand-in-hand. Since summer is coming to a close, the attention of many parents has turned toward the upcoming school year. Success during the school year often depends on whether or not the students have had the appropriate resources around them to help prepare them for the challenge of a new grade level. To the surprise of many parents, one of the biggest resources available that can help them prepare their children for a new school year is augmented reality. The ways augmented reality can help get your kids excited about a new school year may surprise you. Some of them include:

1. Augmented Reality Allows You to Take Children on Field Trips from the Comfort of Your Home

One of the most exciting aspects of starting a new school year is the prospect of creating new memories during field trips. Often enough, field trips provide children with educational context that books and lesson plans can’t provide. For parents hoping to use this time to better prepare their children for the school year, taking them on a field trip using AR technology could be exactly what you’re looking for. Among the most effective apps for allowing kids to take field trips to prepare for the school year is Google Expeditions.

2. Augmented Reality Allows Kids to be Hands On When Learning

It’s not unusual for a kid to have reservations about returning to school. That’s especially the case when all they have to look forward to is the same old lectures and power-points they’re used to. Cutting-edge technology has the ability to provide a spark of interest in subjects a student likely wouldn’t be interested in otherwise. By getting augmented reality involved, it’s easier for children to build excitement because it allows them to become immersed in the topics they’re learning about. This has the potential to completely eliminate a student’s nerves about returning to school.

3. Augmented Reality Creates an Environment that Allows Children to Retain Information Better

A lot of the time, when children struggle in school, the problem stems from problems with comprehension. Even the smartest students are capable of easily forgetting what they’ve been taught when the lesson isn’t delivered in a compelling fashion. By delivering lessons in an immersive experience that engages nearly all of a child’s senses, lessons are more memorable. This could be instrumental in helping students retain information they recently learned in class. Such a resource has the potential to have a lasting positive impact on a child’s education.

Education isn’t the Only Place Augmented Reality is Making an Impact

The immersive experience augmented reality offers could be leveraged in a variety of ways. Not only could augmented reality provide businesses with a new way of allowing businesses to make an impression on customers, it can also be used at home to create all-inclusive experiences. From at-home concerts to at-home field trips, augmented reality is changing the way people learn and experience new things. For more information on how augmented reality could reinvent the way your business attracts and engages customers, contact The Realizers today!

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