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3 Ways AR Training Benefits The New Remote Workforce

3 Ways AR Training Benefits the New Remote Workforce

The last few years brought unforeseen changes to the workplace, but perhaps many of those changes were on the way in already. The events of 2020 to now likely just sped up the process. For instance, online shopping was already in, a large chunk of the workforce already enjoyed remote jobs, and AR was already making an impact on workforce training. But many companies have seized the opportunity to leverage these technologies for a new experience in hiring, training, and retaining employees. Here are three of the most powerful benefits of utilizing AR training for your employees.

AR Training is Hands-On

There’s only so much your employees can learn from textbooks and classrooms. They can read all day about measuring, cutting, working up high, welding, or whatever skills they need in your workplace. AR allows them to learn while doing, which means less adaptation when they move from the classroom to the job site. This also solves for kinaesthetic learners, who really only comprehend and retain information by doing.

Hands-on AR training delivers the student a multisensory experience. They can see, feel, and hear the activity in progress. AR lets your workers learn as if they were on the jobsite, even when they aren’t. Whether your work is remote or you’re training workers in different regions, there’s no longer a need to pay for travel to your training site. You can offer it wherever, whenever is convenient for you and your trainees.

AR Provides Training Without Risks

Some jobs involve working with expensive equipment and materials. Other jobs are dangerous for workers. In both situations, you can eliminate the risks to workers and valuable machinery, tools, and materials with AR training. If they virtually mess up a $2,000 slab of granite or saw through a critical body part – they can learn that lesson with no risk!

AR training also allows you to test for workers who are comfortable working up high or in other environments that often cause worker discomfort. You can assess the fitness of workers for the jobs they’re being trained to do without disrupting a job site if someone gets uncomfortable.

AR Training Allows You to Evaluate Their Skills

Boss uses ar training to evaluate employee skills

As you can assess their willingness and ability to work in your environments, you can also measure how well they’re picking up the skills you need them to. You can both train and test with AR, and you can also review training later to evaluate how each season went and how the trainee improves over time.

This is extremely valuable if you only have a limited staff that is qualified to evaluate your trainees. They don’t have to travel, and you don’t have to bring the trainee in, to evaluate their progress or readiness.

AR Provides Training That Frees Your Personnel

On that note, as businesses struggle with labor shortages, particularly among highly-trained staff, you can free up staff with AR training. Instead of having a trainer for each trainee during each training session, AR can be there when your certified trainers cannot. You can train more employees with fewer staff. Always a benefit; but particularly so during these strange times.

With AR, you can train technical skills, manufacturing processes, construction processes, tasks with multiple steps, and train on your product lines and services. If you could go there to train in reality, you can put them there with augmented reality!

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