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How AR Is Breaking Down Training Boundaries For New Employees

How AR is Breaking Down Training Boundaries for New Employees

The pandemic has changed so much about our day-to-day lives. People are learning from home. They visit with friends and family virtually over the computer. They do their shopping online. Many are working from home, but others have found themselves out of a job and have needed to switch gears on their employment entirely because of changes in the job market.

As anyone who’s jumped into an entirely new job knows, on-the-job training is stressful at best. Everyone learns in their own way, but getting that hands-on experience definitely helps the information to sink in. That said, worrying about making costly or harmful errors takes a toll. Sometimes trainees are afraid to try and end up not fully grasping the information. It can be embarrassing to make these kinds of errors in front of superiors at your new job.

Those looking to make a career switch in the future may have good reason to celebrate. Augmented reality (AR) is showing up in job training and it’s poised to make that new job stress a thing of the past.

Having the ability to use augmented reality as a training tool has a lot of benefit to both the new employee and the employer. Sometimes during training, employees have to learn how to use expensive equipment or practice on pricey products. When the practice sessions don’t go quite as planned, products can be wasted and equipment can be damaged.

The worry that they’ll make a mistake and damage something sometimes holds trainees back from fully learning the details of their new position. With augmented reality training, the new employee is free to completely explore the processes without fear of harming anything or anyone. 

Even better, employees and trainers don’t have to be in the same location to interact. In fact, new employees can actually train from home. This is especially useful for companies who employ people in different cities or even countries. 

A trainer can follow along with their trainee for the entire process or just pop in at keys points. They can even give that important hands-on training to multiple people at one time. Whereas, in a real-time situation, trainees often have to take turns. This simultaneous training means time and cost savings for the company. 

Of course, AR in the workplace is handy for more than just training purposes. Some companies are seeing the benefit of using it for current team members to work together on projects from different locations. One of the wonderful aspects of working within an AR system is that whenever new information is added, everyone working within the system can see it at the same time.

Augmented reality can help in so many aspects of business. Marketing is one area where AR is exploding and can be used in a range of exciting ways. If your marketing could use a boost, The Realizers can help make that happen. Get in touch to learn more about what augmented reality can do for your business.

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