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How Can Augmented Reality Help Your Business?

How Can Augmented Reality Help Your Business?

If there’s a new tech out on the market, you already know that Amazon, Google, Apple, and countless others are sure to capture the advantages it will bring (if they’re not already implementing their own version of it). Augmented reality has taken everything to the next level. Whether you’re in the park trying to catch something in Pokémon GO, or viewing how that hot tub fits with everything else in your backyard, AR has undoubtedly changed the game. But how can AR specifically help manufacturers and retailers? Oh, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

AR Boosts Your Conversion Rates

75% of consumers expect retailers to offer an AR experience. If someone is looking online at your product, chances are they’re looking for a way to “see how it really looks.” And we’re not just talking about pictures.

It Enhances Your Brand Recognition

Augmented reality is another way for your brain to receive and (later) store information. Have you ever tried to remember a written prompt? Turns out it’s much easier remembering if you re-write said prompt and interact with it any way you can. The same goes for your brand. Brand awareness can spike all the way up to 70% if AR is used properly.

You Can Try it Before You Buy it

How many times have you bought a car solely going off of the pictures of it online? (Hopefully that number is zero, for your sake!) We know it’s virtually impossible to showcase a finished product to a client for ‘X’ number of reasons at times, but that’s why there’s augmented reality; to show a realistic 3D model with or without being in person.

AR Elicits a “Surprise” Response

Have you ever been on YouTube or scrolling through shows to watch on TV, and all of a sudden an ad pops up? What was your immediate reaction? To hop off onto something else, right? “Ugh, a commercial.” Even if you haven’t seen it before, your brain instantly knows what it is. Guess what your brain isn’t as used to? We’ll give you a minute to think this one through. (Psst – it’s AR.) That’s right, AR demands visual attention in the brain (almost double that of non-AR tasks).

Still have questions on how augmented reality can transform YOUR brand? We’d love to help! Let’s talk.

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