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‘AR’t And Augmented Reality

‘AR’t and Augmented Reality

More and more, consumers don’t just want a product. They want an experience. This is the juncture of reality and augmented reality — the jumping off point where art meets the real world and fun virtual tools intersect with real customer value. Consumers flock to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, not merely because it tastes good, but because they make a sincere and meaningful connection with the brand. The same holds true for most of today’s leading products — from Starbucks to Red Bull.

So, how can you as a manufacturer make that connection, build that experience, and resonate with customers to build rock-solid brand loyalty?

It all starts with AR(t). Augmented reality helps consumers visualize what your products look like in their lives. 

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s just a clear sky.

Notable American artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly) just made a tremendous leap in his artistic career by incorporating his physical artworks into an augmented reality release. Building on the success of his work “Companions,” KAWS developed augmented reality versions of his famous creations that float above world cities like Qatar, Hong Kong, London, New York, Tokyo, and others, calling the work “EXPANDED HOLIDAY”. If you’re asking whether or not consumers are willing to part with their money for a virtual or “augmented reality” experience, KAWS is planning to charge up to $10,000 for some of his works. The release date was pushed back due to the pandemic, but the artist plans to go on with the AR experience once global societies and economies are reopened.

You are a Kaleidoscope … No, wait, you’re IN a kaleidoscope … 

Other artists have built on the amazing concepts and popularity of augmented reality apps like Pokemon Go and developed wholly new artistic experiences. Here is a collection of ARt ranging from standing in a human-sized kaleidoscope to 3D calligraphy to virtual cartoon gardens. 

But, what does Augmented Reality and Art have to do with your business? 

Just as these artists help us see reality in different ways, AR can help your customers visualize their world with your products in it. From picturing your swimming pool in their backyard to seeing how your patio furniture looks in their new outdoor kitchen, AR is the next logical step in marketing for the backyard and outdoor recreation industry.

Ready for the challenge? The Realizers are. You can learn more about how AR can work for you, your business, or your organization, with help from The Realizers. Contact us to see it in action, and check out our website to learn more about our five-step app development process. We work directly with you to create the best app for elevating your brand.

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