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The Arts Scene Awaits: Experiencing Culture Virtually

The Arts Scene Awaits: Experiencing Culture Virtually

Arts and culture bring a lot of enjoyment to many people’s lives. Unfortunately, the past year hasn’t provided a lot of opportunities to get out and soak up all that the creative community has to offer. The good news, though, is that people are starting to use augmented reality to invite others into their artistic spaces. Here are two examples.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting The Met, but have never made it to New York City, you now have the chance to explore without buying the plane ticket. At the moment, those who are in New York can reserve a time slot to visit the famous museum; however, visiting via the AR experience allows for a more relaxed tour (without all the safety protocols one must follow when out and about).

Titled, The Met Unframed, the experience takes “visitors” on a tour through the famed museum. Users have the opportunity to explore more than a dozen of The Met’s galleries and can check out close to 50 pieces of art. The Met Unframed also incorporates digital games that allow users access to various parts of the experience.

The augmented reality show features a wide range of impressive artwork. Just a few of the many famed pieces on display are: Rembrandt van Rijn’s Self Portrait, Vincent Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Cypresses, Margareta Haverman’s Vase of Flowers, and Emanuel Leutze’s Washington Crossing the Delaware.

The experience was created to be viewed on any 4G or 5G device. As this show was created in partnership with Verizon, Verizon 5G customers get an enhanced augmented reality experience on a few of the works, which “come alive” while viewing.    

London’s Unreal City

Across the pond, another augmented reality art show has created a completely different immersive experience. Originally made to be viewed around the streets of London, the show has now been adapted to be viewed from anywhere.

Originally the exhibition known as Unreal City was meant to be taken in at 24 different points across London’s South Bank of the River Thames from Waterloo Bridge to Millennium Bridge. The Acute Art app allowed viewers to experience the 36 virtual sculptures along the way. 

Due to the popularity of the original show and in order to give more access to those stuck at home, the show was extended and moved to the Acute Art app to be viewed from anywhere. This allows everyone access to augmented reality pieces from artists such as Marco Brambilla, Alicja Kwade, Nina Chanel Abney, KAWS, and many more.

Get Immersed in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is springing up everywhere these days. It’s here at the perfect time, too—when people are stuck at home, longing to experience something out of the ordinary. If you’re ready to find out how you can use augmented reality to capture more customer attention, The Realizers is ready to help. 

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