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How AR Is Upping Company & Customer Interaction

How AR is Upping Company & Customer Interaction

A few decades ago, products came encased in an abundance of packaging—not great for the environment. Even worse, we just pulled it off and tossed it in the garbage. Fortunately, we have learned a lot of lessons since then. These days, most people are a lot more diligent about recycling. 

Many companies are drastically paring down the packaging they use for their products. While this is great news for our world, it means that there’s far less room for businesses to get their message out to the public. Ironically, businesses often have quite a story to tell. They want their customers to know about all the good they’re doing in the world, but there’s no space to put that out there.

Augmented reality is giving companies an opportunity to tell even more of their story than they’ve ever had a chance to share before. Here are just a few ways that businesses are taking advantage of the augmented reality space.

To Give Some Behind-the-Scenes Info

Sometimes businesses want to give their customers a glimpse into the efforts that they’re making behind-the-scenes. After all, if you have a process that sets your product apart in some way, you want to let the consumers know about it. Here’s how Herbal Essences is incorporating AR in this way. 

Plastic waste from a range of consumable products is a real problem. Herbal Essences is offering their products in recyclable bottles that are made from 25 percent plastic that’s been collected from the world’s beaches. In order to share their efforts with the public, they’re incorporating an AR element into their packaging. The experience takes users on a journey through the beach recycling process.

To Have Some Fun With Customers

Having some fun with customers is something that businesses often don’t get a chance to do. Once the customer has purchased a product and takes it home, that’s basically the end of the interaction. Any chance they had to be playful is over once the advertising ends and the packaging is peeled away. With that in mind, some companies have decided to keep the fun going with AR. 

Last Christmas, Coca Cola incorporated an AR experience into their holiday cans. By downloading the Coca Cola app, customers could bring the brand’s iconic polar bears to life for a bit of festive fun. 

To Add Information

Sometimes business owners wish they could follow the customer home and show them all the wonderful things about their product. While a consumer likely has some intention behind purchasing a particular product, they may not be aware of all the product’s possibilities. AR helps get that extra information to customers.

Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce saw the opportunity to use AR to bring their customers added information and ran with it. Users can download the company app and scan any of the company’s labels. Doing so allows Mrs. Rinaldi to offer recipes, more about the company’s background, and added details specific to the particular product.  

Getting Into the AR Game

If you want to explore your augmented reality options for your business, The Realizers are here to help. Give us a call today to explore the possibilities!

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