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Bringing The ‘Hands-On’ Experience To Distance Learning

Bringing the ‘Hands-On’ Experience to Distance Learning

Never has online learning been so prevalent as it has this year. What was once a far off concept, put on backburners while companies waited on the right timing and budget, has become totally commonplace. It happened almost overnight. Kids (and adults) are learning online like never before.

Though rolling out of bed to attend classes in your PJs may feel like the dream, for many kids, schooling from home loses its charm rather quickly. For some, not having that hands-on interaction creates somewhat of a disconnect. Augmented reality makes the practice more engaging.

Outside 3D is a brand new AR app for Android and iOS that aims to bring users face to face with the concepts they’re learning about. The idea is that, with ‘hands on’ experience, distance learners are more captivated by the subject matter. They also have the opportunity to learn about subjects they may not otherwise have been exposed to.

In consultation with educational professionals, the Outside 3D team created content covering a wide range of subject matter including, space, nature, technology, art, science and history lessons. Outside 3D users can immerse themselves in learning to play an instrument, exploring how the human body works, and discovering the world and beyond. 

Getting the learning started with Outside 3D is pretty straightforward, even for the technically challenged. Users simply download the app, choose their preferred subject matter, scan a flat surface in their vicinity for the material to appear, and start working with the content. Featured content on the app is free. Those who want access to the full range of offerings pay $1.99 USD per month.

Augmented reality brings concepts to life for retail customers in much the same way as it does for distance learners. Rather than thinking of a million colorful words to describe your product or spending precious time and funds having your inventory professionally photographed, you can highlight your offerings with augmented reality. Talk to our team today to find out how. 

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