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Augmented Reality Takes Mindfulness To Another Level

Augmented Reality Takes Mindfulness To Another Level

Have you ever told someone about your stress level and had them say, “Maybe you should try meditation,” or, “You need to be more mindful”? To which you probably thought, “Maybe I would if I knew how or had the time to figure it out.”

We could pretty much all use some added relaxation. That said, sometimes it’s difficult to know how to slow down and calm the mind enough to get any real health benefit out of it. Sure, there are plenty of meditation books you can read and classes you can take, but sometimes you need a little more help guiding you away from that incessant drive to do more. 

No need to visualize

Healium is a mental wellness channel that uses augmented reality and virtual reality apps to lead users through calming processes. Unlike with traditional meditation disciplines, Healium doesn’t require users to have an ability to picture a certain setting. The AR takes care of setting the scene and pulling users’ focus in a soothing direction. 

Streamlined relaxation

The augmented reality system is made to work on smart devices. Users also have the option of adding the BrainLink Lite EEG Headband and the Oculus VR headset for a more immersive experience. The system is reported to calm the mind, lower heart rate, and enhance mental focus. Studies done on Healium have shown that it can lower moderate anxiety in as few as four minutes because the brain is more apt to believe visual messages. 

Create your own AR stress relief

Stress and anxiety are quite prevalent, particularly right now with all of the uncertainty in the world. If you’re currently feeling pressure to develop new ways to reach customers, we can help. AR brings products and services to life for customers, without them having to set foot outside. Talk to us today about what we can do to take some of the business pressure off.

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