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4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs AR

4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs AR

Augmented Reality is a powerful tool that showcases your products through interactive images transposed over real-world scenery. Consumers can’t get enough of it. Finally, they can see the new pool before it’s built in their backyards, how their new clothes are going to look on them before they even try them on, and what their selfies look like with doggy ears. Here are four big-picture reasons why your company brand should be utilizing this new technology to connect with customers and drive sales.

4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs AR

Entertainment and Innovation 

AR lives at the intersection of technology and entertainment. The novelty of AR makes it an in-demand marketing tool that stands out and gives your brand a “wow” factor. Images and video cannot compare to AR marketing campaigns and applications, as it lends themselves to a purely customizable experience for the user. After all, that couch or those kitchen cabinets won’t look the same in the customer’s home as they do in a catalog. AR apps distinguish your company from competitors by creating a positive emotional response as the user adapts your products to their environment.

Endless Possibilities

AR can be adapted to just about any industry. You can bring your products into a person’s home or transform their environment into one of your designs, all virtually. Smartphones and tablets are readily available and used by all ages, so there is no limit to reaching your desired market. Custom-created applications use 3D models of your products and provide an incomparable brand experience for the user. Your ability to leverage AR is limited by nothing but your imagination in applying it.


With the success of apps like Pokemon Go, where users are encouraged to explore parks and other geo-locations to hunt for virtual Pokemon, consumers have made it clear that they want to merge their worlds with their favorite brands. This interactivity provides a positive customer experience, and a prolonged engagement, and creates brand loyalty. There are several current examples of AR in action, such as adding special effects to pictures on social media and Ikea Place, which allows consumers to see how Ikea products will look in their own homes.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Consumers return to an AR app again and again because of the gaming aspect. The cost-effectiveness of AR apps comes into play here as users engage over and over with the same brand or campaign, thus increasing the cost-to-efficiency ratio. When a brand invests in its consumer’s experience and encourages engagement with the brand, the results are long-term brand loyalty due to the positive emotions the app lends to the user. This is the gaming effect — just as people can’t quit scrolling Facebook or playing Candy Crush, using it brings happiness, and that generates repeat customers and high customer lifetime values.

Consider the long-term benefit that augmented reality can have on your brand’s relationship with its consumers. While AR can be an investment, it’s one that pays off exponentially. How will you engage your products with your customers’ reality in a gamelike way? The Realizers can help.

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