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Jan 2020 AR News Round-Up

Jan 2020 AR News Round-Up

2020 has finally arrived and this will be the year that Augmented Reality really rockets into almost every industry. We love to share the latest developments and insights on how AR can help your business so we’ve put together a list of the top three newsworthy AR developments you may have missed. 

Which Disney Character Are You?

If you missed this one, you’ll want to visit developer Partissimo’s profile on Instagram to get the filter. Using Facebook’s Spark AR platform, the Instagram camera effect, his Insta filter has gone viral. Whether or not you like your results, you are tempted to play again and again and share images on your Instagram page. 

It may seem pointless to some to use or even develop a filter like this. How could it make you money? Consider this, Instagram competitor, Snapchat, has shown that AR experiences can translate into pretty significant financial gains. Try a daily active user growth of 7% in the second quarter of 2019. Wow! Talk about engaging your audience. Who knew filters like Gender Swap and Baby Face would be so lucrative?

Improved Speech through AR

We all know that children learn best through play. Now language educators and speech therapists have AR tools to support language learning needs of children. New apps have been created to build on their strengths through highly engaging methods. App developer, Speech Blubs, takes the technique that speech therapists sometimes use with mirrors to help children see their mouths moving correctly. Speech Blubs implemented filters to show the child what they’ve been practicing. The result is faster learning and more fun. 

Digging up Bones 

Augmented Reality helps visitors to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science museum learn about paleo-anthropology. Paleo-anthropology is the study of prehistoric peoples. Museum guests receive a tablet with a custom-built AR app called ARTIFAX. When they walk through the exhibit and point the tablet at the ground, images appear similar to those seen by researchers using ground-penetrating equipment. Then tablets guide each user to discover their own fossil. 

What did we miss? Let us know what golly-gee-wow incredible uses of augmented reality YOU saw this month!

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